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See below for the In- Store Repair Step By Step Instrucitons


Step 1

Quote the customer based on this price sheet.

Step 2

Fill out Repair Form Found Here:

(if the customer is leaving their device, complete step 3 and fill in the Sale Order information in the form)

Instruct the customer that they can leave the device for repair or bring it back on the Monday/Tuesday at opening.

Step 3

When the customer is leaving the device or dropping off the device complete the following:

Complete a Sales order in RQ in Store for one of the following: 

Screen Repair (ACSVNR000004) and Rebate (ACSVRB000003)
Back Panel Repair (ACSVNR000008) and Rebate (ACSVRB000006)
Battery Replacement (ACSVNR000005) and Rebate (ACSVRB000006)
Charging Port Repair (ACSVNR000009) and Rebate (ACSVRB000006)
Screen Lock Reset (ACSVNR000010) and Rebate (ACSVRB000007)

Step 4


 Customer contacted once the device is repaired and Sales Order is invoiced out through RQ. Customers will have 30 days to pick up their phone, if they don't pay and pick up in 30 days from completion, they forfeit ownership and the device can be sold to recoup the repair cost.

Things to Remember

Data Backup Reminder:
Customers are advised to take a backup of their device's data prior to repair. We do
not assume responsibility for any data loss incurred during the repair process.
Face ID Testing:
Face ID functionality should be tested before submitting the device for repair. In the
event that testing is not feasible, we cannot guarantee the functionality of Face ID
Premium Aftermarket Parts Replacement:
Replacement with Premium Aftermarket parts may display non-genuine symbols.
However, this does not impact the performance, durability, or software/hardware
functionalities. The parts are accompanied by a 5-year warranty against
manufacturing defects, unless physical or liquid damage is evident.
Delicate Back Glass Handling (Samsung Series):
Due to the fragile nature of the back glass in Samsung devices, there is a possibility of
breakage during servicing. Should this occur, we assume responsibility for replacing it
with an authentic Samsung original within a 10-business-day timeframe.
Android Device Back Glass Replacement:
In cases where the back glass of an Android device is broken, it will be replaced
irrespective of other repair requirements. Pricing should be quoted accordingly.
Risk of Screen Damage during Battery Replacement (Google Devices):
Replacing the battery in Google devices poses a risk of screen damage. Customers
should be informed that the final repair cost may include screen replacement
Screen Password Requirement:
A screen password is necessary to assess the full functionality of the device post-
repair. In cases of password negligence, the device may need to be entered into
Repair/Maintenance mode.
Urgent Repairs:
Urgent repairs can be accommodated within 1-2 business days when necessary, with
an additional $20 charge applied to the customer's invoice.
Data Backup for Screen Password Reset/Unlocking:
For screen password reset or unlocking procedures, data backup is imperative. We do

not accept liability for any data loss, and data may be erased for client privacy safety.
Diagnosis Process Details:
The diagnosis process encompasses both software and hardware testing. Screen
protection may be removed during screen tests, potentially necessitating the purchase
of a replacement post-repair.
Overnight Charging Precaution:
Overnight charging carries the risk of short-circuiting devices, which is not covered
under warranty. The same applies to liquid damage. Customers should be aware of
these risks and monitor their devices while charging.
Repair Schedule Estimates:
Repair dates provided are estimates; delays may occur due to parts availability. In
such instances, coordination will be required to establish new dates and times with the

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